Oncology CRO Services

Phase Clinical Services: Full-Service Oncology CRO

As a full-service contract research organization (CRO) for clinical trials, we support biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device developers with faster, more cost-effective oncology CRO services.

We know from experience that sponsors value patient access, cost-efficiency, and speed. Our management expertise ensures more successful outcomes, high-quality data, and optimal use of resources.

You can streamline product development using our full-service capabilities as a single accountable provider. We work with you to select and integrate precisely the services needed for each clinical trial.

Our Oncology CRO Services Include:

Study Protocol Development

  • We work with you to plan and document how the trial should be conducted, including objectives, methodology, analysis, patient enrollment, and provisions for data quality and integrity.
  • Our patient availability data gives sponsors information up front for planning and conduct.
  • Phase Clinical Services provides expertise in adaptive clinical trial protocol development.

Site Recruitment

Sponsors gain exclusive access to our network of sites strategically selected for:

  • Strong oncology focus at hospital oncology centers or departments
  • Doctors and staff qualified and eager to participate in Phase 0-II oncology research
  • Available oncology patient pools and organized patient data
  • Full compliance with FDA and EMA standards
  • Access to advanced equipment and technology
  • Untapped capacity for research participation due to unsaturated markets for clinical trials

IRB Approval & Amendments

  • Phase Clinical Services can expedite approval as quickly as one month when working through our network.
  • We facilitate and expedite the IRB amendment process.

Patient Recruitment

  • Sponsors gain access to over 50,000 oncology patients per year, already identified as available in our network.

Staff Training

  • We minimize sponsor needs for training and oversight. Our local teams interact directly with staff to ensure protocols are implemented correctly.

Clinical Trial Monitoring

  • Local management and monitoring allow two-way communication, to gather key feedback from clinical staff at study sites and relay critical instructions. This ensures trials we conduct minimize sponsor risk and provide the greatest clinical benefit.

Data Management and Biostatistics

  • Sponsors can realize significant cost efficiencies with clinical data management services, which provide high data quality, data integration and availability.

Our full-service model provides the flexibility, agility, and speed you need for cancer drug and device development, so you can deliver more effective therapies to doctors and patients.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your oncology clinical trial needs and prepare a free feasibility study for you. Contact us.